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Residence is a place of spellbinding luxury in a glamorous location where comfort and contemporary amenities come together.

Colourful and unique, the complex comes with an entirely new lifestyle concept with two magnificently designed and appointed apartment blocks. An amazing location, where the mountains meet the sea. Rich of fully integrated, onsite, first-class facilities and your summer holidays in Turkey could never have been better. Set alongside the picturesque holiday village of Alanya – 5-floor buildings, housing an elegantly balanced mix of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and penthouses. The buildings encompass a children’s playground area, a marvellous indoor and outdoor swimming pool with separate areas for adults and children, a parking area – fully complemented by the lovely landscaped gardens.

Kestel Residence: types of apartments (A and B Block)

Yekta Kestel Residence is implemented in a way that gives almost all the apartments in A block and B Block partly a southern disposition, plus a wonderful panoramic view towards the sea. Built on five floors the complex disposes of:

A Block

Apartment 1+1 – 1 bedroom
Entrance 3 m², Bedroom 11,5 m², Living room 18, 5 m², Bathroom 3,40 m² and Balcony 11 m².

Apartment 2+1 – 2 bedroom
Entrance 7,50 m², Bedrooms 11 and 12,5 m², Living room 35,50 m², Bathrooms 3,10 and 3,30 m² and Balcony 15,50 m².

Duplex 2+1 – 2 bedroom
Entrance 2,70 m², WC 2 m², Hall 1,20 and 4,30 m², Bedrooms 7,80 and 22,80 m², Terrace 7,30 m² and Balcony 11 + 1 m².
Duplex 4+1 – 4 bedroom
Entrance6,10 m², Bedrooms 12,50 and 11,10 and 19, 50 and 13,40 m²,
Bathrooms 3,10 and 3,90 and 5,80 m², Terrace 7 and 15,80 m², Hall 1,70 m² and Balcony 15,50, French Balcony 2×1 m²

Fitness centre 74 m²
Housekeepers apartment

B Block

Apartment 1+1 – 1 bedroom
Alanya and GazipaÅŸa apartments:

Entrance 3 m², Bedroom 11,50 m², Bathroom 3,50 m², Living room 20 m² and Balcony 10,50 and 2,50 m².

Middle apartments:
Entrance 3,50 m², Bedroom 11,50 m², Bathroom 3,20 m², Living room 19,50 m² and Balcony 14 m².

B – Block Duplexes
Alanya and GazipaÅŸa apartments:

Apartment 3+1 – 3 bedroom
Entrance 2,10 m², Hall 1,20 and 4,40 m², WC 2,20 m², Bedrooms 7,50 and 11,70 and 15,50 m², Living room 20,50 m², Bathroom 5,10 m², Terrance 4,80 m², Balcony 10,50 and 2,50 m².

Middle duplex:
Entrance 4,10 m², Hall 1,90 m², WC 1,90 m², Bedrooms 8,50 and 9,50 and 15,10 m², Living room 19,10 m², Terrace 8,50 m² and Balcony 14 m².

Indoor swimming pool 28 m²
Indoor children pool 9 m²
Sauna 5,90 m²
Dressing rooms

Details of the complex:

  • Wi-Fi Internet will be available throughout the whole complex
  • Outdoor swimming-pool with secure zone for children
  • Indoor swimming pool with heating system
  • Sauna
  • Fitness centre
  • Air conditioners in all rooms both for cooling and heating
  • Power Generator
  • Visual Intercom System (you can see who is coming by a monitor from your apartment)
  • Full Automatic stainless steel elevator with sliding door
  • Satellite System
  • Barbecue place
  • Big garden area
  • Children Playground
  • Caretaker for the apartments


  • 24/7 video serveillance
  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Cable TV
  • Dishwasher
  • Fitness
  • Floor heating in the bathrooms
  • Fridge
  • Heated Indoor swimming pool
  • Internet
  • Lift
  • Outdoor swimming pool with secure zone for children
  • Pavilion for relaxation and rest
  • Power generator
  • Sauna
  • Turkısh hamam



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