Residence permit in Turkey

^46D28917C5FFC9353CE3546071A0D153601553BDB1C562D8CC^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr ^AAC23E7568F4D3635697493DA082ACC47DB5EBF3662B46C0D6^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrOwnership of property in Turkey gives the right to foreign nationals for permanent residence in the country. When you get the Tapu, you can obtain a residence permit in Turkey (residence permit). Residence is giving to you for a one year and then you should to renewed. In the same period a residence permit can receive and relatives of the first degree of kinship of the property owner.

Residence permit gives foreign nationals the same rights as Turkish citizens, but you can not vote. Obtaining a residence permit necessarily presupposes the existence of health insurance. With permanent residence in Turkey (11 months per year) over 7 years can apply for citizenship.

The process of obtaining a residence permit takes a maximum of two months. Ready residence permit document is sent by post office , and it can be accessed at the post office located in the area of the property.

At all stages of obtaining a residence permit you will be accompanied by our staff.

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