Expenses for Buying

Taxes and annual/monthly costs for your property

•    One-off cost of buying a property: Real EstateTransferTax: 4 % of the current value at the municipality
•    Yearly property tax: 0.5% of the stated current value
•    Water: 2 TL per cubic meter (payment over the counter)
•    Electricity: 0.45 TL – 0.50 TL per kw/h. (payment over the counter)
•    Gas: imported balloon 70 TL – 110 TL
•    One-off cost of buying a property: Document fees (preparation costs, registration costs, interpreter, notary fees: 450 TL – 900 TL
•    Monthly charge in condominiums: 130 TL – 150 TL

Current Status: 2015 All prices are set by local authorities, the municipality and the tax authorities of the Turkish Republic, the prices can be changed anytime.

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