res1Turkey – a state formed October 29, 1923 as a result of the bourgeois revolution led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. In 2000, the Turkish Republic has acquired the official status of candidate country for EU membership. NATO member since 1952.

Today, Turkey is a modern democratic state with such metropolitan cities as Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya. Eastern and Western culture, organically combined into a single unit, the presence of almost all nationalities among the resident population and the representation of the majority of the world’s religions, give Turkey a unique flavor and originality. Official language – Turkish. Turkey is located in the eastern hemisphere. Turkey occupies the eighteenth place in the world in terms of population and thirty-sixth in the territory. The main areas are in Asia, and only a part is in Europe. Geographic features of Turkey – the location at the crossroads of important routes since ancient times between Europe and Asia, the Black Sea countries and peoples – from the Mediterranean. Now, through the territory of Turkey lie roads and railway lines linking Europe with a number of Asian countries.

12592499_1075036179207396_2210423154287049404_nThe total area of the country is 814,500 square kilometers, a coastline of about eight and a half kilometers tyasyach. Turkey is washed by four seas: the Mediterranean, the Black, Aegean and Marmara. On three sides it is washed by the seas in the north – the Black Sea, to the west – the Aegean, in the south – the Mediterranean. European and Asian parts of Turkey are separated by a water system, which forms the sea passage from the Black Sea to the Aegean and including Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus iDardanelly. one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the largest city of Turkey -Stambul (formerly Constantinople) in the southern part of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn Bay (Sea of Marmara) is located.

Istanbul – Turkey’s largest metropolis, located Simultaneity in the two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. Over 2 thousand years this city served as the capital for the three great civilizations of his time: Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Empire. On the territory of Turkey are also the two ancient cities that are considered to be one of the wonders of the old world – Ephesus and Halicarnassus.

Great Trojan War took place in the western provinces of modern Turkey, and the legendary Trojan horse to this day to be in those places.

12508908_1061496413894706_5059083107812872555_nTo the south of the ancient city of Antalya is Aspendos with ancient amphitheater, can accommodate up to 15 tyasyach spectators.

While in Istanbul, Leonardo da Vinci made drawings of the famous bridge which, according to the author, was to connect Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. While the implementation of the project was not possible. Today, over two bridges Strait lie.

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