Life and Weather in Alanya

Alanya Location

13087563_946209288832371_4784060777545212929_nAlanya is a seaside resort city which is located on the stretch of coastline on the southern coast of Turkey known as the Turkish Riviera. The city is located around 120 km to the east (Antalya city) and 40 km to the west (Gazipasa city). Taurus Mountains are located in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. Rocky peninsula is dividing resort , on the both sides of which there are long stretches of beaches – Damlatas Beach and Cleopatra beach to the west and Keykubat Beach to the east.

The world famous Cleopatra beach is located in Alanya

Natural oasis of beauty and romance – Cleopatra Beach is located in the pearl of Turkish Riviera, the city of Alanya. This is one of the few places that one of the most prominent couples in history – Cleopatra and Mark Antony has chosen to enjoy their love.
About 2000 years ago Mark Anthony presented his sweetheart a real natural crowned jewel of beauty 14and romance – a picturesque Alanya and it’s vast beaches.
Cleopatra Beach is a popular place for all visitors and those living in Alanya.You can just enjoy the sun and swim in the Mediterranean, but there are also water sports and parasailing for your joy.
The beauty of the scenery is so impressive. Opposite the beach there are gorgeous mountains covered with green carpet under the blue sky. Indescribably beautiful! It seems that time has stopped forever. You do not feel that these long 2000 years past away, it seems that just yesterday here, on the Cleopatra Beach, Antony and Cleopatra were walking together. Each grain of sand still remembers their regal gait.

Enjoy mediterranean lifestyle of Alanya

Alanya, whose history is rich and diverse, with numerous famous natural and ancient sights to experience, as well as its beaches, breathtaking scenery, picturesque streets and charming holiday resort, is a popular holiday destination for many people. Alanya has grown into a thriving resort in its own right, with a long narrow crescent of sandy beach gently shelving into the clear waters; it has 17become a favorite holiday location. Alanya’s lovely cafes that ring the harbor are popular gathering places for tourists and locals. From the town’s lovely park, the road runs along the coast to the harbour, and it is lined with many small shops that offer handicrafts, leather clothes, jewelry and the amusing painted gourds that are unique to the area.There are three blue flag beaches in Alanya, and many sights including Damlatas Cave, Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, Dim Cay! Valley, three sea grottoes: Fosforlu Magara, Kizlar Magarasi and Asiklar Magarasi and many more.

Alanya is not only a heaven for your summer vacation with its natural beauty, long summer time, historical and cultural background, and sport, entertainment activities but also faster developing tourism center with its accommodation and trans portation facilities on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Eight months between April and November are warm enough for tourists to feel the sunlight.

Mediterranean lifestyle of Alanya is all about to enjoy the simple things in life – the sea, sun and fresh air. Mediterranean lifestyle in the town is simple, vibrant, colorful, sunny and tasty. When You invest in Alanya, you not only get the property, but also invest in the quality of life!

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