History of Alanya

1111Alanya – one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. The city is located on the shores of the Mediterranean among citrus orchards and banana plantations. This is not only a center of beach tourism but also leisure centers – day and night. Moreover, there is an incredibly mild climate, so the weather in Alanya extremely good during the entire beach season.

During the Roman Empire, Alanya was a famous pirate base called Korakesion.

Later, Mark Antony gave the city and the surrounding area to Cleopatra, who transformed the area and made it their favorite vacation spot. Some names in Alanya still keep the name of the famous queen. In the XVIII century, the city seized the Seljuk ruler Alaaddin, peremenovavshy Karakesion in alli. Through the alli held all land and sea routes to Alexandria. Due to its proximity to the Seljuk capital of Konya, Alanya, Antalya surpassed both commercial and military port.

Alanya sandy beaches stretch for three kilemetra west, eight kilometers east of the city center. Eastern333 Beach is called – East and West – the beach of Cleopatra. Each of them offers a variety of entertainment and all kinds of sports. You can find rocky and pebbly beaches, but still most of the beaches in Alanya – sandy, with a smooth sloping entrance into the water.

Alanya – one of the most fun of the Turkish resorts. It is constantly full of life day and night. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discos Alanya is famous throughout Turkey. Young people with nightfall move from one club to another, trying not to miss the midst of fun.

222Rost prices in the market Alanya property in connection with the opening of the new airport in Gazipasa (40 km from Alanya)
The longest tourist season (from mid-April to mid-November), which allows to make a profit from the rental for a longer time
The warmest winter with an average temperature of 16 degrees -18
In the district of Alanya there is no industrial production, so the climate has a beneficial effect on health. In addition, there is a cave in Alanya Damlataş, known for its medicinal properties in the treatment of asthma and lung disease.
One of Turkey’s most famous beaches, which are assigned to the blue flags
17Despite the well-developed infrastructure (supermarkets, museums, sports centers, entertainment complexes), Alan retains the atmosphere of a cozy Mediterranean resort to the long promenades, rokoshnyh parks and recreational areas.
Historical sites and monuments of architecture, vkyuchёnnye in the UNESCO World Heritage List
A large number of foreigners, including Russians and Europeans living in Alanya is constantly
The annual world-class sporting events (triathlon, beach volleyball, etc.)

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