Alanya Beaches

13Alanya Beaches

Turkey – a real paradise for lovers of a relaxing beach holiday and water sports. Here, tourists are always provided with a high quality vacation and excellent service. One of the most popular resorts in Turkey is Alanya. The picturesque resort on the Mediterranean coast every season attracts a huge number of tourists. As for the weather at this resort, the Alanya – one of the warmest resorts in the country. Taurus Mountains protect the city from cold winds, the average temperature is 20 degrees year round. This resort is perfect for beach lovers.
Waterfront Features

Each beach is well equipped for relaxation, all details are provided. On the beaches of Alanya you can not just soak up the sun and swim in the clear sea, but also to break away in noisy crowded theme parties with stylish music and delicious cocktails.

In the district you can admire the pine trees, plantations of fruit trees and colorful exotic flowers. All this adds color and flavor the city. In the vicinity of Alanya you will find a lot of variety of beaches and will be able to visit the ancient natural caves.

Alanya Beaches are included in the ranking of the best beaches in Turkey. Alanya beaches are famous for the purity of the coastal zone. The picturesque sandy beaches stretch for 70 km along the coast. Coast admire wild cliffs and quiet coves.12

Entrance to the beaches of Alanya free, will have to pay only the rent umbrellas and sunbeds. Here you can find beaches for all tastes, from the secluded deserted beaches to the noisy, where the parties are held every day. Almost every beach there are bars, restaurants, sports facilities, yacht clubs, where you can rent any equipment for water sports. You can ride on a catamaran, water skiing and scuba diving. The water on most beaches, clear, visibility is excellent. Everyone will be able to enjoy the flora and fauna of the local beaches, not wearing glasses for diving. In these places, a great water area!

The beaches are the most diverse: from sandy beaches to beaches with pebbles and stone slabs, but mostly dominated by sand and pebble beaches. Alanya beach is a resounding success thanks to the purity of the coastal zone, marked “Blue Flag”.
Beaches Ulash, Incekum, Damlataş

Ulash perfect for family vacation. Here you can have a picnic, for it is already equipped with tables and benches and barbecues. There is parking for cars. Ulash Sand Beach is 6 km to the west of Alanya.

Incekum Beach is located in the district of Avsallar, 23 km west from Alanya. The beach stretches for 1 km. This beach will delight tourists soft golden sand. On the shore there are several restaurants and cafes. Nestled next to a picnic area, surrounded by fragrant pine trees.

Damlatas located in the west of the peninsula, in front of the homonymous cave. Damlataş Cave – one of the few caves that are open to tourists. The cave is a narrow passage, whose length is approximately 50 meters. Inside the cave is a large number of centuries-old stalactites and stalagmites. Damlataş translated from Turkish «Damlataş Mağarası» means “stone in drops”). Sea excursion to this cave will be a real adventure for lovers of the underwater world. This amazing cave, created nature, there are more than 15 thousand. Years.
15Cleopatra Beach is a continuation of the beach Damlatas. This legendary beach awarded the “Blue Flag”. This is one of the most popular beaches with locals and tourists. This is a truly royal beach. It is this beach Mark Antony gave his lover – Cleopatra. Legend has it that the golden sand was brought here from Egypt, the Egyptian woman to please beauty.

Near the beach – hotels, sports facilities, bars. There are water station, where you can go jet skiing, water skiing, agree on paragliding or windsurfing, if you’re lucky with the direction and force of the wind.

Keykubat Beach is located on the west of the peninsula and stretches for 3km. This beach also earned the “Blue Flag”. The beachand the sea bottom – sand and pebbles. It has everything you need for a pleasant holiday: sports fields, tennis courts, bars, water stations.

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