The education system in Turkey

One of the favorite holiday regions  – Turkey, demonstrates an unprecedented growth in recent years. At the beginning of 2010, the rate of economic growth in Turkey is second only to China. The economic crisis is also not greatly affected by the state. It is not surprising – 51% of the country’s economy – market services. Almost the entire country is one big resort. But, despite this, today Turkey is on the way from an agrarian to an industrial state and is steadily moving in a given direction. On the wave of industry growth occur and improvements in the education system, to which seeks to prevent the personnel shortage in the labor market. Demand, as we know, breeds supply and today education system in Turkey can boast a high level of training, and some universities of the country, even compared with US universities on quality education and technical equipment.
Pre-school and school education  13850220421216
As in most countries of the world to Turkey to prepare children for school begins at an early age – from 3 years old children can attend a variety of shape and size of organization kindergartens, where in the course of games and socializing with their peers, they learn to talk and learn about the world.
At the age of 6 years, all children are required to enroll in the 1st grade of primary school education which is compulsory and takes 8 years. At the end of training, all students receive a diploma of primary education (Ilkogretim Diploması) .On the basis of this document being received in high school, learning which takes 4 years. Secondary schools in Turkey are divided into several types according to the profile of education: standard public high schools, private high schools, Anatolian high schools, which differ from the standard that the teaching in them being in foreign languages (English, French or German), Anatolian religious schools (Imam -Hatip), which differ from the latter type of schools the presence of religion lessons. In addition, there are other schools of thought, to pay more attention to the study of natural sciences, as well as vocational schools engaged in training of professionals working specialties.
ab261ff9After 12 years of training graduates need to pass exams to obtain a high school diploma. As a rule exam for rent on one of the four directions: the Turkish language – mathematics, mathematics – natural sciences, social sciences, foreign languages. The exam takes place centrally across the country. Along with general subjects at Turkish schools study such subjects as religion, military affairs and history of Turkish revolution. The academic year runs from October to June. Teaching is conducted in Turkish, English, French or German. Scores are on a scale.
Higher education
In higher education in Turkey is represented by several types of educational institutions: universities, military and police schools and academies, higher schools of vocational training. For admission to all of them is necessary to obtain a complete secondary education, and to pass entrance exams. In the universities of Turkey, as well as at universities in other countries, you can get 3 Degree – base is a bachelor’s degree. To obtain it you must unlearn 4 years. Obtaining a master’s degree will require a further 2 years, and the degree of Doctor of Science – 5 years (2 years + 3 years of graduate doctoral) and writing a thesis. In addition to university entrants have the opportunity to enroll in one of the higher vocational schools that train professionals working specialties in varioGidyi-v-gorodah-mira-0us fields. In this case, training will take 2 years. Higher education in Turkey is not free but often, when a talented student or the student, showing a high performance, is unable to pay tuition, large companies interested in getting young highly qualified specialists, or even the state assume the obligation to pay training. At the moment in Turkey operates about 118 universities, most of which is public. While the cost of education in public universities is not large enough. Teaching in most universities it is conducted in the Turkish language, but in a number of universities in the language of instruction is English, French or German. For admission in this institution, you must first be trained for 1 year. Among the most prestigious universities in Turkey are the following: Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Sabanci University in Istanbul and Kёch. Teaching them being both Turkish and English.
For admission of foreign students in Turkish university it is necessary to:
1) Complete 11-12 years of education – 10 years of schooling + 1-2 years of college / university.
2) Provide a statement of estimates of high school diploma.
3) Pass the common entrance exam to university. The exam consists of 2 parts: 1 to test general knowledge – you need to score 40 points; 2 – test of knowledge of the Turkish language. Some universities require students to submit GRE exam, GMAT, SAT.

Documents provided directly to the admissions office of the university. Specific deadlines need to be clarified by contacting the University of interest.

Student visa can be issued to a foreign citizen only after his enrollment in an educational institution in Turkey (school, university, language school). Provided for 6 or 12 months with the possibility of extension. To obtain a visa must submit the following documents: passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of th
e proposed visit of the end of the statement, photograph, letter of acceptance (+ a letter from the mother of the institution for exchange students).

Some universities provide their international students in the dorm, but you need to apply and get in line – often not enoughqdefaulth seats. This option is beneficial enough to stay as rooms for rent in a hostel is relatively cheap (from 100-150 TRY per month), and the hostel itself is usually located far away from educational facilities, which makes it unnecessary to use public transport. Nevertheless, rent an apartment on their own can be relatively inexpensive. Depending on the area, square footage, and the distance from the infrastructure you can find accommodation within 250 – 700 TRY.

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