Kindergarden for your children in Turkey.

Buying an apartment in Turkey think about your family, about your children – in a which kindergarden will walk your kids as they will live in this country? This article is about it!


There are both public and private. Consider those and others on basic criteria: cost, operation, looking after the kids, food, etc. Later, we take a look at some of the gardens.

Why moms prefer private kindergartens state? The answer is banal: the second is very small. With all cheap price in public kindergarden, to get there is very difficult, it is imperative Turkish citizenship of at least one of the parents. It will be easier to get a seat in the garden, if you work, and work better In the state  service or your institution has a quota in this garden.


The cost of the Turkish state children’s institutions is several times less than private. For example, for the municipal kindergarten in a month you will pay 130 lira, and for commercial from 300 to 1000. In Turkey, as most of us know, there is no fixed price – to each his own. So do not forget that you must bargain even with the baby unit. As moms say that living here is not the first year, it is best to come through a friend citizen of Turkey, children who are already involved in the group. Then the cost will be lower. You can also get a discount if you arrange to kindergarten more than one baby, but few or no pay by the month, and the year immediately.


Public gardens are open until 16:00 from Monday to Friday, during the holidays and the rest are closed for the summer that for working parents is inconvenient schedule. Private kindergartens work mostly on the needs of the parents (at least until six in the evening, in some cases up to eight) on Saturday, creating extended group, and do not close for the summer. Meals in private gardens adapted to Russian children in the state it is still Turkish.

According to the parents whose kids went to public and private gardens, the difference in no particular program. Everywhere there are additional classes aimed at the development of children, excursions, events. The public gardens are taking kids from 3 years old, in some private with 2, the first more often subject to inspections by observing bodies that agree to pay an additional discipline for guidance.


The problem of almost all Turkish gardens – kids or do not walk at all, or very little walking. Upon receipt of a child in the public garden card is required immunizations or medical records of disqualification for medical reasons, a medical examination, in particular, this condition is not always necessary. Make your own conclusions. The payment for the services kindergarten you can transfer to his account or to give cash, you will write out an invoice.
An interesting observation: if the kindergarten is called in Turkish, it has the status of pre-school educational institution, if not the Turkish word present in the title of the kindergarten, it is considered as an institution of social services.

In public schools, preparatory classes for children from 3 to 4 years. Classes are held only half a day, low cost. The schedule is not convenient for working parents and for the unemployed may well come up. In addition, if you are going to do well this school, you will agree, very well trained to the first class was with her.



Now we look at some of the gardens, give contact information.

Kindergarden “Skazka” (Mahmutlar)
There is only one Russian kindergarden of Alanya and the surrounding area, all other Turkish or Turkish-English. It is located in the “Azura Park” (Mahmutlar) and is called “Fairy Tale”. Schedule from 9:00 to 19:00 (during the tourist season), and 17:00 (in the winter), Monday to Saturday, with no breaks for holidays and summer vacations as a baby can be left on all the time, and a half-day (for convenient schedule you).
7489_900The groups are organized developmental activities such as children’s yoga, running time motor skills, speech therapy lessons, swimming in the pool (summer), etc. Classes are taught by professional teachers. Balanced Nutrition Program, a four-time. Walks take place on-site playground.
You can use the service to transfer children of kindergarten and up to the house after school. The whole area is equipped with video surveillance – for security do not worry + 905 31 559 5955.

Kindergarden “Bahçeşehir” (Alania) 7_6057218
Kindergarden with depth study of the English language, is organized at the school, kids are gaining from 3 years. About half of the day the kids communicate only in English. In the kindergarden teachers working-native speakers. The program includes a variety of developmental activities, cultural and sports activities and lots of entertainment. Classes finish at 16-20, 17-00 in the kids bring home, on Saturdays and in the summer holidays the garden is not working.
In summer, children can undergo linguistic courses for an additional fee at the Turkish and English languages. Last year is being prepared for school, the emphasis is on arrival in Bahçeşehir.

10_6855921Kindergarden «Zeliş Kreş» (Mahmutlar)
It is situated at the beginning of Mahmutlar, from Kestel. Cost is 550 YTL, an additional service fee of 100 lire (minibus takes children out of the house and delivers after school). It is also necessary to buy books and stuff, like paint, clay, brushes, etc.
Children gain from 2 to 6 years. Every day they have classes in English, different educational activities such as ballet, painting, ceramics, gymnastics, theater, music. With safety in the garden very well. Every day is filled with baby form, the information contained in it about what to eat, how to sleep, that drawing that is not painted, etc. The sheet data is transmitted daily to parents. You can view recording with video cameras, which are installed in the garden.
In the Russian-speaking children attend the group, but not a lot. Some teachers also understand in Russian.
Zeliş Kreş Okul Öncesi Eğitim Kurumu G.B.E.
Yeni Mah. D-400 Karayolu Üzeri Avcı Apt. A Blok No:1/1 Mahmutlar / Alanya
Tel / Fax : 0242 528 30 60  или

Садик «Мелмет» (Melmet Kreş)
Adres :
Çarşı Mah. Kale Yamacı Mevkii
Bekarlar Sok.Postalcıoğlu Sitesi No:6 ALANYA
Tel : 0 242 511 51 59
Tel : 0 242 512 75 55
Fax : 0 242 511 11 28
E-mail :

DSC_5237_1Kindergarden “Ravza» – Ravza Creş (Alania)
Tel: (0 242) 511 07 41
Kerim kaptanlar sok. sayeban apt. no:1/2

Kindergarden «Anaokul» (Konakli)
Тел. 02425652505, 05349857093,0535307498511_692921

Of course, the kindergardens much more. When choosing we used to listen to feedback from friends and acquaintances to visit the institution on their own, to see live space, a playground, a bedroom and educators. The easiest way to choose a kindergarden for your child when you are already on the spot. Ask neighbors with kids, go to the nearest school, where you will surely tell you where you are coming to the gardens. Health to you and your kids, children’s laughter and caring teachers!

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