How look and pay bills for electricity and water through the Internet in Alanya Information provided by the site ОК, Аланья!:

Just make a reservation, this article will examine options for viewing accounts on the official websites CLK Akdeniz – a company that supplies electricity to the majority of subscribers in Alanya and ASAT – Water company ın ALANYA . With that, for water at once can be paid online.

View and pay bills for water ASAT.

1. Go to ASAT site link.

2. Go to the menu E-Asat -> Online Ödeme or right click on the Online Borç Ödeme.


3. In the window that opens, select your city and district in the Abone İlçe / Belde, in the Abone Numarası enter your subscriber number in the water (you can see it in the receipt of water in Abone No field). Then press the button Borç Sorgula. In the window that opens, you will see information on the current account and arrears (if you have old unpaid bills). If you have paid all the bills – the system will tell you about it.


4. To choose a payment account in the accounts Ödeme column, which should pay Öde and press the button (Pay).


5. In the next window, enter your credit card information, and press the button again Öde (Pay). Perhaps, for the confirmation of payment, your bank will request a password from SMS.


6. If all the bills are paid, the picture will be such:


View bills for electricity CLK Akdeniz.

1. Go to the website Electric Company CLK Akdeniz link.

2. enter the corresponding number from your receipt of electricity, with the only difference that a Abone No need to add a few zeros in front of that to the subscriber number consists of 11 digits (for example, if you have a receipt number for the field İşletme Kodu and Abone No 123456, it is necessary to enter the number of 00,000,123,456) website. Then click on the button Sorgula.


3. Next you will see the information on your current account and debts, if you have them. The ability to pay online at no.


4. If all the bills are paid, the picture will be such:


Payment for water and electricity bills through the bank-customer.

You can also pay bills for water, electricity, taxes, internet, etc. through a Turkish bank bank-client, but for this you must have an account in a Turkish bank. Which bank to choose – you decide. When paying by bank-client fee is not charged.

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