State insurance SGK in Turkey

The most popular is the national health insurance among residents of Turkey, or SGK (SGK official website). Previously, they could only use the citizens or spouses of Turkish citizens, as well as work permits, but now it can also arrange any desired, even for the submission of documents for tourist residence permit (ikamet). This insurance provides a completely free health care in all government hospitals in Turkey and also gives a discount on the payment of bills in private hospitals. Along the way, being the social insurance includes unemployment benefits and retirement (how to get them to a foreigner, it is a separate subject of the article). But the percentage of discounts and in some wards received in private hospitals depends directly from the hospital. The great advantage in favor of the state. Insurance is something that people even with serious illnesses that require long-term expensive treatment, may benefit from this insurance from year to year, while private insurance companies can easily raise the price of their policy when extending and many of them have a payment limit on treatment. So, how to get it: 1. There are two varieties: SSK and Bağkur – first issued to employees of Turkish companies as well as to all comers, the second – only for business owners in Turkey.
2. Price and registration: – for foreigners work permit: issued by the employer and paid them well. -for Erasmus and exchange students: the University is issued free of charge – for the wives of Turkish citizens or foreigners with a work permit, who already have a policy SGK, as well as the minor children: free of charge is added to the existing policy provided timely payment. – For those wishing to arrange their own insurance policy, for example, the tourist ikamet: issued in the respective offices of SGK, the price is calculated as a percentage of the double minimum wage level: ie It turns about 213 lire a month for 2015. – For Business Owners account slightly different, and the average is obtained about 400 lire a month. 3. How to use for a residence permit (ikamet): A feature of this insurance is that it takes effect only after the receipt of the residence permit (or its renewal), but how, then, obtain a document on the availability of insurance to supply the same ikamet? It’s pretty simple: applying to any SGK office where you will be given a document stating that you are registered in their system and your policy will act after receiving ikamet. If you are using insurance spouse – in the same office spouse must receive a document that in its name have coverage, there is no debt to pay and did postscript that spouse (name) is entitled to use this insurance policy after of ikamet. Stamp and signature. 4. Upon receipt of a residence permit (ikamet) need to activate the insurance – to bring a copy of the original in your ikamet SGK office. After activating the policy is valid as much and your ikamet, you can use it in hospitals, allowing the reception of your number TC yabancı kimlik numarası (it is written on your card ikamet).

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